Do you want to participate in a wilderness rite of passage program? 

Go to  PROGRAMS to see a comprehensive listing of WGC member programs.  Filter by date, type of program or bio-region to find the program that is right for you.  

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For a broad span of articles, videos and various information about wilderness rites of passage, go to RESOURCES.  Filter by topic, author name or title to find narrow down search results.  All resources are free and available to the public.  Enjoy!

Are you a guide and might want to become a WGC Member?  What are the benefits?

We have found that being part of a community network is not only a source of great practical support in all aspects of guiding and networking, but also deeply inspiring and nourishing.  To support programs offered by WGC members we have created a comprehensive, searchable online program directory, where you will be able to list any wilderness rite of passage related programs that you are facilitating.  For a detailed listing of all member benefits, go to BENEFITS.

Can you become a member if you are not a guide?

Yes - you can!  Become a friend member, and gain access to WGC specific resources, publications, and email newsletters.  Join us at gatherings and become a vital part of our community.  As a friend member you are directly supporting the mission of the WGC, helping us bring wilderness rites of passage beyond our borders and into the world at large.

Interested in WGC Publications for sale?

Check out our PUBLICATIONS for past and current editions of Circles on the Mountain, our annual inhouse publication, as well as current member publications on a wide range of relevant topics.

What are WGC Gatherings?

We gather once a year in the US and every 3-4 years for our International Gathering in a foreign country. Gatherings are for members and guests.  For more information go to GATHERINGS.

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