Vision & Mission

We believe that wilderness has great healing and inspirational qualities. Our goal is to re-introduce and promote meaningful, earth-based rites of passage, as well as related nature-based healing and educational programs, in the context of our modern culture.


Our objectives are:

TO PROVIDE EDUCATION AND OUTREACH TO ALL PEOPLES, making nature-based rites of passage and similar programs more available, accessible and affordable.

TO SHARE INFORMATION through our website, publications, annual gatherings, and other outreach.

​TO EXPAND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES FOR GUIDES OFFERING THESE PROGRAMS, to deepen their expertise and professionalism and promote their work in the world.

TO CULTIVATE AND SUPPORT A DIVERSE AND ENGAGED COMMUNITY OF MEMBERS, who are supporting modern day wilderness rites of passage.

TO FOSTER AN ETHICAL AND RESPONSIBLE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LAND, for the well being of all species and the earth.

TO SEEK CHARITABLE DONATIONS AND GRANTS TO SUPPORT THE OBJECTIVES OF THE WGC and other networks and organizations with a shared mission.