The desert and the community time were unbelievably restorative - such love and REALNESS with people. I feel renewed and inspired by this work - and the possibilities it creates for meaningful community. ​

This is my circle. I belong here. It is a safe place to fall apart and not be at my best. From the moment I arrived at the registration table on Saturday afternoon, I was welcomed and held and cared for. And because my confusion and suffering were so thoroughly accepted, there were times that I was at my best.

This is how relational evolution feels. - Josh Utihof, WGC Gathering 2012

If [the organizers] were musicians I would say they conducted and played with great harmony and sensitivity to every member of the orchestra combining a scripted score with lots of room for improvisation.

Who'd have known that these mild-mannered wilderness guides had such incredible stories to tell . . . cliffhangers that involved captaining a sinking tugboat in the Arctic, or having tea with root-diggers in their holes-in-the-ground in the Himalaya. If I can sit and hear stories like that just once a year, I need nothing more in life. - Kinde Nebeker

I want to welcome every newcomer and say, “This can be your circle, too. This is your circle.” I want to say to everyone, “Thank you for your presence. Thank you for being here. Thank you for welcoming me.” The matrix of love and acceptance travels in a multiplicity of directions among the entire group.

[This] is what my soul has been steering me toward all my life.

What am I taking away from the gathering?  I am taking with me a sense of belonging to this circle and I am feeling that I am standing taller and fuller because of it. And I am carrying a deeper sense for the importance of this work and the importance of being a carrier of this work. It is important for humanity that we maintain and develop a participatory relationship with nature; that more of us have a living and direct experience of how we are woven into Life, that we are not separate, but an intimate part of it all. I am taking with me deep gratitude for all those who are carrying this work of inviting people to sit in the arms of the wind, the lap of the rocks, and the gaze of the sky. - Joseph Rubano