Sacred Journeys

Sacred Journeys focus is taking incredible people out into the wilderness to heal, learn, and experience oneness with Mother Earth. To hear, see, and feel the powerful teachings of the wisdom each has within. Every journey will teach the wilderness awareness skills of living with nature through offering Vision FastsSurvival TrainingShamanic HealingsShamanic TrainingsRites of PassageWomen’s Spiritual RetreatsBackpacking Training, and Hiking Tours to some of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world.

The tours will allow individuals to unleash their potential in obtaining wholeness, happiness, peacefulness, healing, spirituality, and awareness to their everyday life through the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth. We will experience being in the silence and experiencing how "Spirit Moves In All Things" on a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory level. The purpose of the experiences is to teach people how to listen from the heart connecting with unlimited support from Great Spirit.