Nancy Jane

School of Lost Borders
Nancy is an educator, wilderness guide, and council facilitator. She began her study of wilderness rites of passage in 1981 and has been following this calling ever since. Nancy leads youth and adult vision fasts and has pioneered wilderness rites of passage in school settings. Her intention is to listen deeply in support of others’ connection to nature and spirit; to hold the deepest, widest container of safety and acceptance for others; and to empower them in the full expression of who they are. Leading up to and following the death of her mother a year ago, Nancy has been immersed in the rich, though challenging, underworld of death's teachings and the potential for an awakened life such an experience brings. She also has cultivated and explored sacred Feminine principles and the role of feminine empowerment in evolving consciousness and culture.

For many years a naturalist and forester, Nancy is also an author, an editor, and currently adjunct faculty and academic advisor at Naropa University, where she teaches in the Ecopsychology and Environmental Studies departments. She has an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology with an Ecopsychology concentration.  Nancy is certified in Wilderness First Aid.

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