The Mentor Program is a membership (only) benefit of the Wilderness Guides Council. This program offers a platform for new guides to connect with experienced guides. It is a way for members to be educated, inspired, and to create  relationships within the WGC.

Please Note:  The relationship between mentor and mentee is considered an independent or private relationship with the WGC serving as a platform for making an initial connection. The WGC does not endorse any specific mentors and is in no way responsible for the actions of individuals or the outcomes of any mentoring relationship. Mentors and mentees are mutually responsible for establishing the extent and the specifics of their individual mentoring agreement.  

How does the mentoring program work?  How can you connect with a potential mentor?

As a current WGC member you have access to the Mentor Directory in the member section of our website. Prior to reaching out to a potential mentor, read through the bios to determine the people you would like to reach out to.  Consider their years of experience, their bio region, their focus or lineage of training, etc. Spend some time identifying what it is you are looking for in a Mentor, both personal qualities and level of interaction.  Use any of the questions below to help you clarify what you are looking for.  Then contact the potential mentor by email or phone and introduce yourself.  After an exploratory conversation, decide if you want to enter a mentoring relationship.

If you are interested in connecting with a mentor…

Questions to ask yourself

What is my intention in seeking out a mentor?

What level of experience, expertise and time do I need in a mentor?

What level of commitment do I bring to the mentor relationship?

What kind of experience am I seeking from the relationship?  (i.e. regular face-to-face guidance, assisting on a wilderness fast, one-time phone call, immersion into a mentorship program)

The mentor personality type I work best with is…? (i.e.  hands-on/hands-off mentor, high energy, relaxed, etc.)

What are the bioregions and fasting lineages I would like to work in?

When the mentor/mentee relationship is complete, I will be able to…?

What do I hope to contribute to the mentor relationship?

What is my professional code of ethics?

What ethics do I expect to guide my mentor relationship?

How can I become a mentor?  

How do members who want a mentor find me?

As a current WGC member you can volunteer yourself as a Mentor. Your guide bio will be listed in the Mentor Directory.

A potential Mentee may initiate contact with you, through email or phone. It is important to have ready some questions for the potential Mentee, as well as a clear outline of your own offerings, including your own code of ethics.  After an exploratory conversation, decide if you want to enter a mentoring relationship with the person who contacted you.

If you are interested in being a mentor…

Questions to ask yourself

Why do I want to mentor?

What qualifies me to serve as a mentor to other guides?

What does mentoring mean to me?

Who do I consider to be my mentor(s)?

What qualities do I feel are most important in effective mentors?

Can I bring these qualities to my role as a mentor?

Are there particular areas of expertise or focus that I would especially like to mentor about?

What is my professional code of ethics?

What are the top three ethical principles that guide me?

What am I offering in terms of my involvement? (Examples: one time meeting for question and quick guidance; ongoing telephone calls; seasonal meetings in person; apprenticeship opportunities with monetary exchange for mentoring services; etc)

Who do I contact for questions about the mentoring program?

For questions and feedback about the program, contact Micah Hammond: