The Mentor Program is a membership (only) benefit of the Wilderness Guides Council. This program offers a platform for new guides to connect with experienced guides. It is a way for members to be educated, inspired, and to create  relationships within the WGC.

Please Note:  The relationship between mentor and mentee is considered an independent or private relationship with the WGC serving as a platform for making an initial connection. The WGC does not endorse any specific mentors and is in no way responsible for the actions of individuals or the outcomes of any mentoring relationship. Mentors and mentees are mutually responsible for establishing the extent and the specifics of their individual mentoring agreement.  Click here for details on the program.

Aidoneus Bishop
WildWise School

Aidoneus "Aidon" Bishop, is a Pite Sámi wilderness guide, outdoor educator, and rite of passage facilitator.  A trauma-informed educator, father of six, former Boy Scout Leader, United States Marine, chef, entrepreneur, restaurateur, and Information Technology Executive and Engineer, Aidoneus now works with organizations throughout the world on social justice issues, sovereignty, treaty rights, indigenous ceremony protection an

Anne Stine
Wilderness Rites
Anne Stine, MA, MFT,  is founder of Wilderness Rites,  with  over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, ecopsychologist and wilderness rites of passage guide.  Her programs offer initiatory earth-based healing rites and practices that assist people to reclaim their true place within the wisdom and cycles of nature and have been offered in the wilderness areas of California, Idaho and Oregon as well as at several universities.  In addition, she
Ben Marchman

Ben was raised in Sharpsburg GA, on land that generations of ancestors have stewarded. His most precious childhood memories include the endless adventures with family, building forts, paddling rivers, camping, and exploring the natural world.

Brian Spear
Threshold Adventures / Wilderness Reflections

Brian brings a wide variety of hard and soft skills to his work as a mentor, guide and facilitator. Since 2012, he has been guiding at risk youth on whitewater rafting adventures and has also worked with 5th grade boys as part of a school year nature immersion program.

Carol Hannagan
Sacred Journeys

Of Cherokee heritage, Carol is a naturalist, environmentalist, wilderness expert, author of “The Sacred Journey – A Quest for Vision Discovering the Soul’s Purpose”, and offers earth spirituality experiences through her organization -- Sacred Journeys. One of six generations of native Californians, Carol Hannagan has studied and learned in almost all of California's wilderness areas.

Carol Wilburn
Phoenixes Rising
North Carolina
Carol is a committed elder and teacher, a veteran vision fast guide and carrier of council, supporting the inquiring journeys of others through Earth and Council-centered ceremony since 1990. Phoenixes Rising is her cross-generational work linking elders and "youngers" in mutual support and inquiry towards living and serving into a kinder, sweeter future. Programs include rites of passage, council circles, and community projects.

Christiane Frischmuth
Global Frischmuth Consulting, LLC

Christiane Frischmuth
Tel: 202-285-3476, 1702 Hobart Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA

Corinna Stevenson
Dragonfly Healing

Corinna is the creator of Dragonfly and co-founder of CanAdventure Education. For over a decade she has been guiding people through personal transformation in wilderness settings. A gifted ecopsychologist and rites of passage guide, Corinna brings much heart and humour to her work. Her well-founded belief in the restorative powers of nature and the unlimited potential of humans are themes that characterize all of her endeavors.

Darcy Ottey
Youth Passageways, Pacific Quest, Rite of Passage Journeys

Since her own wilderness-based coming of age experience through Rite of Passage Journeys at age 13, Darcy Ottey has been passionate about the importance of creating intentional rite of passage experiences for young people and adults.

Farion Pearce
Condor Vision Quest

Farion is a wife, mother, teacher, and Reiki Master who spends much of her time holding sacred space for several circles: Quests, on-going Incorporation circles, Grandmothers, Reiki Shares. She has been leading vision quests for women since 1997. Farion served the WGC as Netkeeper from 2001 - 2005, as Bundle Keeper from 2006 - 2010, and was a member of the Advisory Council from 2010 - 2012.

Fran Weinbaum
Vermont Wilderness Rites
​Fran Weinbaum, the principal guide of Vermont Wilderness Guides, has been guiding vision fasts since 1996. Fran lives in East Montpelier, Vermont, balancing the tending of goats, garden and hearth, and being a grandmother with work as a wilderness quest guide and ontological life coach.
Galeo Saintz
World Trails Network

Jennifer J. Wilhoit
TEALarbor stories
Jennifer J. Wilhoit, PhD is the founder of TEALarbor stories and a published author of books, essays, and research articles about the human/nature relationship as well as the ecotone of inner/outer landscapes. She leads workshops, speaks and presents on various topics, and guides healing experiences with individuals using natural landscapes as referent and setting.
Jeremy Thres
Regenco - working with the Regenerative Powers of Nature

~~Jeremy Thres (Smoke), a life/death experience in the late eighties, led to a wish to give back to wild Nature and connect people with its freely available joys. So began a quest for ways that fulfilled this deeply, and when I first heard the term Visionquest it reverberated in my Soul. I had become involved in wilderness based exchanges to Russia and so it was my first quest took place there, after which I knew I had found what I had been looking for.

Kent Pearce
Condor Vision Quest
Kent is a light-hearted man who re-wilds one step at a time.  From his experience, he believes that the essence of the vision quest is to See and Be Seen.  To manifest this essence, he originated the Condor Vision Quest, fathered the Condor Clan incorporation support community, and co-created the Order of the Red Bandana.  He has been a hyper-active member of the Wilderness Guides Council since 1993.

Lightheart: (medicine name)
Krystyna Jurzykowski
Dream Quest
A child of immigrants in exile, Krystyna grew up in a combo of vast wilderness and cement jungles in 3 different continents. Ultimately the wisdom of nature became home, her sanctuary of Guidance.  In 1991 it was Gigi Coyle who led her to the School of Lost Borders, and it is with her, and Stephen and Meredith she fulfilled 7 years of training.
Larry Hobbs

From a field biologist studying whales and dolphins, to a psychotherapist working with individual and family systems, to a teacher and naturalist leading wildlife trips worldwide, Larry came to Lost Borders to train and to guide vision fasts.
Lauren Bond
The River's Path

After dedicating a career and a master’s degree toward working in outdoor and  environmental education, I found there wasn’t space in my work for stopping, sitting down and becoming lost in conversation with an eagle or a waterfall.

Lia Naor
Ways of Knowing

Lia Naor is a PhD student in the Department for Counseling and Human Development at the University of Haifa, Israel. Lia is currently studying the process of positive transformation, particularly at it occurs in nature. Lia holds a BA in social work and an MA in drama therapy. She is a licensed nature guide and for the past 20 years has combined her love and experience in the field of nature and therapy working as a nature therapist.
Mark Sipowicz
Soul and Stream LLC

Mark Sipowicz loves adventure, good conversation, books and wild places. He holds an MA in depth psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. Mark is a Jungian Wilderness Guide, a registered therapist in Colorado, offering Brainspotting (and other trauma sensitive approaches), young adult therapeutic mentoring, dream tending, writing groups and ally-ships in journeys of individuation for adults of all ages.

Michelle Katz
Oaks Counsel

Michelle is the Founder, Creator, Facilitator and Counselor of Oaks Counsel.  Oaks Counsel offers nature-based counseling and programing to facilitate and acknowledge the various changes an individual moves through in life.

Munro Sickafoose
Three Ravens, Rites of Passage, UU Santa Fe
New Mexico
I am a husband, father, whitewater river guide, and ceremonial leader. I've been deeply involved with indigenous earth–based ceremonies for many years, and I trained as a vision quest guide with Steven Foster and Meredith Little at the School of Lost Borders in 2000.

Robin (Wisdom) Brodsky M.A.

Wilderness Guide and Eco-Therapist; Visionary, Artist and Musician.
Ron Pevny
Center for Conscious Eldering
Ron Pevny, M.A.,  recognized his calling as a wilderness rite of passage guide in 1979 and ever since has been dedicated to assisting people in negotiating life transitions as they create lives of purpose and passion. He is Founding Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, based in Durango, Colorado and is also a Certified Sage-ing® Leader. .
Ryan Van Lenning
Wild Nature Heart
Ryan Van Lenning, M.A., is an inner and outer wilderness guide and poet/writer. Certified as an ecotherapist through the Earthbody Institute, he facilitates re-connections with wild nature and our deepest selves to assist in the work of not abandoning ourselves and repairing broken belonging.
Silvia Talavera
The School of Lost Borders
Silvia Talavera has been a guide and teacher for  The School of Lost Borders since 1993. She is a woman of versatility, passion, and humor. She brings to her work a nurturing insight and deep compassion. She has been working as a nurse since 1979 and began her career in hospice in 2003, supporting end of life care both at the bedside and as a community educator. She volunteers for the hospice bereavement program and incorporates Reikiin her nursing practice.

The School of Lost Borders, The Practice of Living and Dying, The Oak and Bone School of Belonging and Remembrance

A zoo noticed that many of its animals were getting sick, depressed, and not performing well. They built a special veterinary clinic and hired the best doctors with all the most advanced methods and treatments to fix these underperforming beasts. The doctors discovered that placing the animals in environments that closely replicated their ancestral ways of being quickly brought about drastic healing.

Wiebke Nedel
Educo Africa and freelance worldwide - Nepal

Wiebke works as a freelance facilitator worldwide. Her home now is South Africa and she

devotes her work and life to personal and leadership development in a global context. As