The Men's Leadership Alliance is committed to helping men achieve greatness in their lives. In a circle of trust, courage, and power, we challenge men to live fully in their maturity, with the support of their brothers. We help men meet the demands of their lives. Our experience informs us, and through it we know: a man's life is so much the richer when reflected in other men he can call his brothers. If you're ready to own your strengths as a man, husband, father, or brother come join us for one of our upcoming programs. We look forward to sitting in circle with you soon.

The Men’s Leadership Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and supporting men of all ages into authentic living. 

MLA believes in a world where all men, and all people, can fully express their personal gifts and genius in service to their families and communities.  Such authenticity can only be accessed through deep work with ourselves; what we call soul work.  Drawing from the wisdom of ages and an understanding of the ever-changing needs of modern times, MLA has created an integrated series of programs designed to engage and support men in this important soul work, as well as programs for partners, family, children, and elders.  It is our experience that soul work is the gateway to authentic manhood, which in turn leads to a life of joy, service, wisdom and passion. 

The path to this authentic manhood is often hidden from men today. With so much materialism and other distractions in modern society, the inner journey is rarely sought, and responsibility for joyful and authentic living often becomes the task of something or someone else outside of us. And, even if the path to authentic manhood is chosen, it is most certainly winding, confusing, and even treacherous – one that can be successfully traversed with real support, friendship and community.

MLA is dedicated to helping men choose the path to authentic manhood, providing the resources, tools, support and community needed to make such a journey a success. We know that the impact of an authentic man on himself, his family, friends, community, and the world is one of generosity, compassion, joy, and service.  In real life terms this means happy and healthy partners and children, sustainable communities, effective and caring leadership, proactivity, non-violence and vision.

In order to achieve this profound vision and mission, MLA has developed a comprehensive set of integrated programs. To find out more about each individual program please click on the Program links on our website, or contact Executive Director Jason Geoffrion, 303-444-9022,