Meghan Aya Letts

Meghan brings nature connection into the midst of Philadelphia, demonstrating that healing nature connection is accessible no matter where you; whether it's a quiet desert or bustling urban streets. She a Certified Transformation Wilderness Guide, mentor, and registered yoga instructor. She is an aspiring doula, guiding woman back to their innate natural capabilities using earth based practices and spirituality. She inspires her clients to freely express their wild and intuitive inner self through yoga, dance, nature connection, and mindfulness practices co-facilitated by the earth’s guidance. Meghan received her training at the Earth Based Institute where she became skilled in therapeutic modalities focusing on grief/loss, transformational change, neuroscience, parts work, trauma, Gestalt therapy, and movement therapy.

Her life is devoted to the health and well being the earth and all it’s inhabitants. She strongly believes that deep mental, emotional, and physical healing are facilitated through earth based connection. Her own connection with the earth is one that focuses on the primal aspects of the human being as part of the collective consciousness of the environment rather than separateness. Her personal mission is to inspire nature connection and guide her clients to an earth based healing.

United States