International Guides

Alexandra Hatfield
Wild Rites UK
United Kingdom

Alex knows that struggle and joy exist simultaneously in life.

Amanda Bathurst

Amanda first experienced the profound and therapeutic properties of nature as a young child. It is the land that truly taught her to move through challenges, connect, and dance her wildness! Her passion, for revealing these experiences to others, led her on an adventuresome path.
Assumpta Casals

Assumpta offers training and coaching to leaders, who are looking for answers to questions such as:
  • Who am I as a leader? How do I contribute with my gifts?
  • How to embrace business goals and sustainability? 
carine roth
ceux d'ici
Carine has studied Rites of Passage with the School of Lost Borders and is still working with Meredith Little as an assistant. She carries her passion for this work with great integrity and bridges her shamanik practices into nature based rite of passage.
Corinna Stevenson
Dragonfly Healing

Corinna is the creator of Dragonfly and co-founder of CanAdventure Education. For over a decade she has been guiding people through personal transformation in wilderness settings. A gifted ecopsychologist and rites of passage guide, Corinna brings much heart and humour to her work.

Eva Bogner
Unternehmensberatung VICOCO e.U. Vision Fast - Coaching - Consulting (in prep.)
Eva is a Vision Fast Guide, educated by Shambhala Wilderness School 2008-2012 and School of Lost Borders (2012-2014),Trainer, Leadership- and Team- Coach with the designation as Associate Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, Business Consultant, Project- and Change Manager in the
Galeo Saintz
World Trails Network
South Africa
Gary Williams
Beyond The Threshold
A man of vision, a germinator of seeds, a storyteller from the heart. Gary brings listening and 'hearing the unspoken' to his calling as a passage rite guide. Through his continuing life journey of internal reconciliation he offers the gifts of new growth and the celebration of being alive.
Glenis Taylor
Beyond The Threshold
Through the discovery and nurturing of her own wild, creative spirit, Glenis brings the gifts of joy, warmth and sensitivity into conscious community. As an experienced rite of passage guide she walks beside those who seek to bring aspects of their whole self more alive.
Harriet Sams
Nwyfre Ecotherapy and Heritage
I am a prehistoric archaeotherapist and ancestral land connector, ecotherapist, energy worker, ritualist, healer and yoga teacher. I have been connected to Spirit of the Land who has come to me in many ways, as Brigit, Gaia, as Baldr and as God and Goddess since I was a very small child.
Iris Wangermann
WarGrandchild Souljourney - Kriegsenkel Seelenreise
Jeremy Thres
Regenco - working with the Regenerative Powers of Nature

~~Jeremy Thres (Smoke), a life/death experience in the late eighties, led to a wish to give back to wild Nature and connect people with its freely available joys. So began a quest for ways that fulfilled this deeply, and when I first heard the term Visionquest it reverberated in my Soul.

Jess Tyrrell
South Africa
Jess was born on the southernmost tip of Africa - Cape Town - and feels most herself and at home in the wild open spaces of deserts and mountains.
Jon Keen
Wild Rites - Soulmaking in Nature
United Kingdom

Jon finds joy in supporting others to find and express their meaning and purpose. An authentic, playful boundary walker with a courageous open heart, willing to be vulnerable, h

Karen Gordon
Center for Sacred Ecology
Costa Rica

Equal parts soul-filled scientist, inspired educator, wilderness rites of passage guide, mountain mystic + plant medicine woman, Karen's&

Lia Naor
Ways of Knowing
Lia Naor is a PhD student in the Department for Counseling and Human Development at the University of Haifa, Israel. Lia is currently studying the process of positive transformation, particularly at it occurs in nature. Lia holds a BA in social work and an MA in drama therapy.
Mailin Bach & Lars Siggelkow
Wildnis des Herzens
We offer Rites of Passages in Germany and Europe.Check out our program for details.
Being in ceremony is a gift.
We love to sit in circle and listen to the stories people bring back from the land.
Natasha Lythgoe
The Art of Rewilding

Pablo Deustua Jochamowitz
Daimon Verde Psicoterapia y Ecopsicología
Pip Bondy
Ancient Healing Ways ~
Wales. UK
Pippa Bondy is a wilderness rites of passage guide and a carrier/trainer of Council. She also has a background and training in Tai Chi and Meditation and the Alexander Technique.
Rachel Lovie
Obsidian: Paths with Heart
UK and France
Rachel Lovie PhD is a School of Lost Borders trained rites-of-passage guide. Obsidian: Paths with heart is an organisations based in the UK and Southern France, providing residential programmes including Vision Fasts, worksho
Sara Adler

Scott Lawrance

Watch this space.
Sebastien Michon
Ermitage en nature (Quebec, Canada) and Circles of Air and Stone (USA)
Sebastien describes himself as a “wilderness midwife,” supporting people in finding their wisdom and discovering their authentic nature within Nature.
Simeon Ayres
Beyond The Threshold
After a lifetime of self-discovery, through contemplation and meditation, Simeon was content with the quiet life of a baker, a miller and a farmer, until he discovered Beyond the Threshold and the vision fast in 2012... and was floored by its potency as a transformational tool.
Stephan Pfannschmidt
DEIN ABENTEUER Natur und Selbstbegegnung
Vision Fast Guide (SLB and Germany)
Susann Belz
Women and Earth
Susann Belz ​ is a licensed therapist, a shamanic practitioner and a Vision Quest Guide. In 1996 she started her own school "Women and Earth" where she teaches ancient ways of shamanic healing.
Wiebke Nedel
Educo Africa and freelance worldwide - Nepal
South Africa

Wiebke works as a freelance facilitator worldwide. Her home now is South Africa and she