Galaxy Earth Dancer, PhD

Owl & Hawk Passages, Rites of Awareness, The Way of Nature
Since my first Vision Fast in 2007, I have been passionate about bringing others into deep communion with nature. With Nature as mirror and teacher, we can go into the wilderness for short or long periods of time for respite, healing, deep self-awareness, vision, and to spark our innate creativity. Here, in the wild, we enter into partnership with all of life to empower our own inner nature and deepest Truth. I offer workshops of varying lengths – from 2 hours to several days – that include self-guided ceremony, rites of passage, initiations, and celebrations. Workshop themes include partnering with Nature to awaken creativity, exploring womanhood, and engage in meaningful rites of passage. I have trained as a wilderness guide with Way of Nature and the School of Lost Borders, where I learned the power of deep listening and council work. I have also participated in programs with Animas Valley Institute, exploring my own consciousness and Soul connection. Working as a guide with Open Sky Wilderness Therapy taught me the value of honest communication within the safety of a group dedicated to serving each others' growth. My intention is to listen deeply as a witness to people’s stories of connection to nature and spirit, and to empower them in the full expression of their deepest truths.