Cazeaux Nordstrum

School of Lost Borders
Walnut Creek
​Cazeaux Nordstrum is a licensed psychotherapist, consultant and educator.  Her Bay Area based practice focuses on adults in mid-life and older life, and the meaning of life in its second half.  During the last 30 years she has taught cross-cultural and inter-generational programs on the topics of aging, grief/loss, caregiving, forgiveness, and depression/anxiety at the university level throughout the Bay Area, and in Japan.  Her background in anthropology, transpersonal psychology, and indigenous cultures—along with her personal connection to nature—have inspired her to integrate wilderness work and clinical psychology, most recently as a vision quest guide. Having grown up in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona, untamed land and open spaces speak to her soul.  Zen and Vipassana meditation, Hopi rituals and ceremonies, and devotional practices of Catholicism are the core of her spiritual life.
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