Why we gather

Once a year, members and friends of the WGC come together for 3-4 days, to network, connect and learn from each other, and - of course - to rejoice in a circle of like-minded guides and community members.


Every gathering is unique, but below is a list of some typical schedule items:

A PRESENTATION ON A THEME that is 'hot' in the rite of passage field, presented to the large group by seasoned facilitators.

BREAK-OUT GROUPS and WORKSHOPS, on a variety of practical and other topics, from members for members.

EDGE TALKS, our brand of Ted talks, from select and prepared individuals on topics of their choice.

DIFFERENT FORMS OF COUNCIL, to encourage a multitude of ways to engage a theme and our audience.

OUR BUSINESS MEETING, to approve the annual budget and select new council members (and every 4 years a netkeeper).

A MARKETPLACE EVENT - a networking opportunity to share any marketing materials we each have.

THE BUNDLE CEREMONY - to give new members a chance to add their medicine to our bundle.

INDEPENDENT OFFERINGS, such as a renewal fast, or a drumming workshop are commonly offered before or after the gathering.

STARGAZING, a NEVER-ENDING-STORY around the fire and A PARTY is never amiss - may we never forget how to dance!

ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS vary with the gathering venue, we try to offer both camping and indoor accommodations whenever possible.

For more information on our gatherings, visit our TESTIMONIALS page.  

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